Black History Month 2006

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Black History Month is celebrated every October in Britain.

The aims are to:

• Promote knowledge of Black History and experience.

• Disseminate information on positive Black contributions to British Society.

• Heighten the confidence and awareness of Black people in their cultural        heritage.

For October 2006, we present a collection of new resources provided by some of the schools involved with the 'Fishpool project' which aims to raise achievement of Black African Caribbean students in Gloucesterhire schools. These resources are made available to help all schools celebrate Black History Month. We hope you will find them useful!


Follow the links below for NEW resources:

Beaufort School

... present 'Three Sisters' by Anton Checkhov ... with a difference! The setting is transferred from Russia to Trinidad for more informaton click here

Download the play with background information and notes here

Brockworth Enterprise School

... share  ... 3 Homework Projects on Black History.

These could also be adapted for class work at KS3.

Thanks to Jenny Taylor & Kash Allen.

Download these below:

Brockworth Enterprise School

share a Poetry Pack project, which can be downloaded from the Brockworth School award winning website 'Cultural Diversity'

Download the Poetry Pack from the website via this link

Black Inventors and Scientists

The Science Museum have a range of resources to help you learn and teach about contributions to science and technology made by black people and others from a diversity of backgrounds.

Bristol EMAS have a range of biographies of Black and Minority Ethnic scientists and inventors, with teaching ideas for inclusion in the curriculum at KS 2 & 3.

iRespect also has a range of resources for Primary & Secondary Schools to promote Black History Month, produced over the years - Please follow this link for more resources.

iRespect is an education resource for the development of positive tolerance - find out more...