Black History Month 2005

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Black History Month is held every October in Britain. The aims are to:

  • Promote knowledge of Black History and experience.
  • Disseminate information on positive Black contributions to British Society.
  • Heighten the confidence and awareness of Black people in their cultural heritage.

For October 2005, we present a collection of infomation and resources to help schools celebrate Black History Month!

Follow the links below to find out more:

Wall of Fame! - Quotes from famous Black & Asian People

Quotations can be inspirational - and make a real difference to individuals at a personal level.

We are compiling a "Wall of Quotes" which you can use at school - to match quotes to people. We would like you to contribute your favourite quotes to add to this during the month of October. Participating schools will receive a complimentary Race Equality resource to acknowledge their contribution to the website.

This resource is now online! Click here to find out more.

Black History Month Quiz

We have 40 questions for you to answer - most of which can be found by consulting 'The Encyclopedia Britannica Guide to Black History'

Click here to read the quiz  for KS2 and KS3

Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt

Sweet Clara is a slave in the cotton fields of Southern USA. She uses her skills as a seamstress to sew a quilt, which doubles as a map. This leads escaping slaves to ‘the Underground Railroad’, which takes them to Canada and freedom.

Lesson plans for the Literacy Hour in KS2 are available here.

A small number of copies of the book will be available for loan from CIRCLE from mid-October. Or order a copy from Amazon at

BHM Events in Gloucestershire

Click here to view a list of events relating to Black History Month in Gloucestershire.

Please contact us to add your events in school ... or community.

The following links provide a comprehensive range of useful websites for Black History Month activities in school:

GTC Achieve Network Black History Month resource list

NGfL guide to Black History Month

Black History Month 2004

We ran a competition in 2004 - this is now closed - but the information on-line provides a wide range of useful resources which can be used in school for KS1 - KS4.


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