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Resources and Links:

  • Polish Flashcards:

Free downloadable flashcards in Polish and Polish-English are available from a number of websites:

Instant Display Teaching Resources has an attractive range including phrases, months, days and seasons, and numbers.

Schools Links has dowloadable posters on similar topics.

The TES Resource Bank has flashcards, and also worksheets to download.


  • Polish Bilingual Resources:

There is a growing range of Polish bilingual resources for schools available on the internet:

Newent Community College has an English Learning site for Polish pupils, produced by Gerry judd from the MFL departnment, with visual and audio material for learning vocabulary and phrases, and a wide range of interactive games and flashcards to test yourself in a fun way!

Project Happy ChildProject Happy Child has a wide range of bilingual topic based vocabulary lists.

Haringey Refugee Project has a bilingual booklet for KS3/4 pupils 'First words and phrases for school'.

Hounslow Language Service has a bilingual Maths dictionary suitable for KS2 and KS3 (follow links: Literacy and Numeracy EAL> EAL Numeracy > documents); bilingual word posters, with pronunciation guide and illustrations, and a Primary Welcome Booklet that can be edited by individual schools.

Cambridgeshire Education Portal has a range of bilingual resources for both Primary and Secondary, from maths words for Reception to translations of The Tempest! (Type 'Polish' in the search box.)

Bracknell Forest EMAS has some useful science resources translated into Polish.

Bristol EMAS has a lovely collection of colourful resources, games, and worksheets for New Arrivals - all translated into Polish.

Little Learner website has been produced by a primary teacher to support teachers of Polish children. It has interactive bilingual powerpoints.

Before You Know It is a free software package for language learning. The Polish download has interactive flashcards which are also useful for Polish children learning English.


  • Polish Books:

    The following publishers are good sources for purchasing bilingual books:

MantraLingua MantraLingua are Britain's biggest publishers of bilingual books for school. They have over 20 titles in Polish-English, plus a wide range of other resources including games, CDRoms and posters.

Milet Books Milet publishes a wide range of dual language and multicultural books. They have an attractive range of picture dictionaries and flashcards in Polish-English.

Jubilee Books Jubilee Books have a range of Polish-English dictionaries and dual language books. (Type Polish in the Language category of the site search for a complete list).

Badger Reading Boxes The Polish Collections for Infants and Juniors: Supporting Newly Arrived Polish pupils in KS1 and KS2.

These collections put together by the National Centre for Language and Literacy include dual language books, a dictionary, flashcards, a CD-rom with useful phrases for school, a reference book about Poland for the teachers use and books to use in an EAL session.

KS1 Box: ISBN: 978-1-84691-220-7

KS2 Box: ISBN: 978-1-84691-221-4

Badger Books and Reading Boxes   NEW!

A set of dual language Polish-English readers for ages 9-14.

The Polish Collection for KS3.

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