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  Information for Schools ( Informacja dla Szkół )

  • Introduction

On these pages you will find information and resources specific to the Polish language and culture, and advice on supporting Polish children in school.

For general advice on supporting New Arrivals and EAL pupils, do also visit the EMA pages on irespect.

  • Welcoming New Pupils

Find out about the Polish Education system, and how to pronounce the Polish alphabet (see below). Learn to say the new pupil's name correctly, and a few simple words and phrases in their language (Phrases with audio; printable list). Put up some bilingual posters (see Resources section). Let the pupil show you where they come from on a map of Poland.

  • Resources and Links

  • Visit the Resources Page for a list of links to find a wide range of bilingual Polish-English resources for all Key Stages.
    • Lingro - Enter a website and click on words to look up in dictionary - or use on-line dictionary alone. Create your own wordlists in subject categories - and practise with flash card games. An excellent resource!
    • Poltran - on-line dictionary and translation. 


  • Inclusion


Try and find opportunities to include pupils' background, language and culture in the curriculum.

You may find the following resources useful:

Easter in Poland Powerpoint

Poland in the Classroom

Polish resource page for KS3/4 Geography teachers

Krakow: Around the Dragon's Den is a cross-curricular, contrasting locality teaching pack for KS2, produced by Cheshire's EAL team. It was reviewed enthusiastically in the TES.

School Matters - Polish Inclusion is a Teacher's TV Programme that looks at how four schools, who have been facing the challenge of integrating large numbers of newly arrived Polish students across the key stages, are not only managing but see benefits from their arrival.


  • Polish Language Qualifications

AQA offers Polish at GCSE, A/S and A Level.

For more information on first language exams, please contact Martin Dodds at READS. Tel: 01452 427261.