Secondary Training

We provide a wide range of training opportunities both within and beyond Gloucestershire County. With consultation, we are able to design and deliver bespoke packages to suit the needs of the audience - and follow up sessions are also available. Practical workshops and activities are included as well as examples of good teaching practice from around the county.

Training Activities

Examples of training content :

  • Race Equality, Inclusion and Community Cohesion
  • An inclusive school; a welcome environment
  • Working with New Arrivals
  • From BICS to CALP (Beginners to Advanced Pupils)
  • Differentiation across the curriculum
  • Asylum Seekers and Refugees
  • Multi-agency work with ethnic minority pupils and families
  • Personalised learning for the EAL pupil
  • Pitman’s English exams and First language exams
  • Resources for schools
  • Projects and initiatives (e.g. partnership books, bilingual talking books, Black History, ICT)
  • African Caribbean Achievement
  • The Fishpool Project in Secondary Schools
  • Learning Mentoring with Black students
  • Under achievement and exclusions...the facts and strategies to make changes
  • Parent Training programmes
  • Eastern European Roma pupils and families
  • Islamic Awareness
  • A Polish Perspective
  • Supplementary classes

St. Peter's


Audiences :

We have recently delivered training to the following:

  • Teaching Assistants
  • Subject Departments
  • KS3 and 4
  • 6th form
  • Connexions
  • Whole School INSET
  • Parents
  • Governors
  • EWOs
  • PGCE students
  • Ed Psychs
  • Communities
  • Social services
  • Strategy Managers and Consultants
  • Universities
  • Head Teachers and SLT
  • Councillors
  • AGMs

Ed Psychs at Cardiff University
Eastern European Roma

Parent Training

For more information on the Training Courses offered by the Secondary EMA Team, please contact:

Sheilagh Crowther at READS

Tel: 01452 427261

email: reads@gloucestershire.gov.uk