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English as an Additional Language - Primary

Beginners Support Package

The EMA Primary Team have produced a support package to help schools meet the needs of newly arrived beginner EAL pupils. This is available for loan to Gloucestershire schools. For more information, please contact the Primary Team at READS. Tel: 01452 427261.

This package contains a range of photocopiable resources and advice and information for teachers and parents.

List of Contents

Curriculum Resources

This new area of the website provides resources for differentiation and inclusion of EAL pupils at all stages.

List of Contents

Advice Booklets

The following advice booklets have been produced by the Gloucestershire EMA Primary Team. They are available to Gloucestershire schools, on request. Please contact READS for more information.

Tel:   01452 – 427261 or email:


A Guide to Working with Children in Early Years Settings

This booklet provides a wealth of information and practical help for the Early Years practitioner (in Reception classes as well as pre-school settings) when   a child arrives with little or no English.

Download this booklet as a pdf file here

Working with Beginners at KS1 and KS2

(A booklet for teachers of newly arrived pupils with little or no English)

 This booklet provides essential information on what to do when a new arrival enters your class; suggestions for books, games and activities to use with beginner pupils; advice for the Literacy & Numeracy hours, and information on the stages of English Language acquisition.

Also included is an exemplar Scheme of Work for Beginner EAL pupils. We would like to acknowledge Hounslow EMAS, for the inclusion of this resource.

Download this booklet as a pdf file here

Working with post beginners at KS1 & KS2

(Supporting pupils from B.I.C.S. to C.A.L.P.)

 Children usually develop Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills after 2 years – but it will take them from 5 – 7 years to acquire the full range of literacy skills ie Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency.

This booklet provides useful information about post-beginner language development, alongside a range of   practical strategies, covering the 4 skills (listening, speaking, reading & writing)   for supporting the post-beginner pupil with English as an Additional Language.


Working with EAL pupils on Literacy within the Primary Strategy

The aim of this booklet is to support class teachers in including beginner EAL pupils in the Literacy Hour. It provides a general advice section, and the main body of the publication provides exemplar differentiated activities from Y1 to Y6. These can be used as models for Literacy Hour planning to include EAL pupils.

The two following booklets give advice on using ICT with EAL pupils, and are available to download.

Using ICT to Support EAL pupils

Making & Using Multimedia Multilingual Talking Books

READS Resource Centre

A range of resources on professional development are available for loan to schools, and bilingual resources and other resources for schools are available to view. READS can provide advice to schools on purchasing suitable resources for their particular needs and EAL pupils.

A limited number of CDROM's for beginner English learners are available for short term loan to schools with geographically isolated learners.

Recommended Resources

A list of recommended resources, and suppliers can be viewed here

A list of useful websites can be viewed here

A wide range of bilingual books are available for loan from the Library Service for Education, who stock books in a range of languages.