Raising Attendance of Traveller Pupils
Sue Bevins

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Norton Church of England Primary School KS1 and KS2.

Norton School had a small group of children who had issues with attendance. They were spread across the year groups and their attendance was between 70% and 80%.

Our objective was to improve the attendance of this group of Traveller and non-Traveller pupils through a one term awareness-raising programme.


It was decided to work with the children together in a group on a weekly basis for a six-week period.  Each session lasted about 15 minutes.  We had a mix of boys and girls, a range of ages, some siblings and Traveller and non-Traveller children.

We mapped out a plan for the term, keeping notes as we went and learning as the programme developed.  We were delighted with how successful we were.  The children’s average attendance rose to between 96% and 100% each week. They really enjoyed coming together to discuss issues and receiving positive letters, postcards and certificates home each week. They were very keen to chart their attendance and took a big interest in their registration certificates that we used each week.

We informed parents by letter that the groups were taking place and they became very supportive. We found that because the children were talking more about their attendance, parents were more likely to talk to school about any absence or forthcoming event that could result in their child not attending school. This has continued.

We have seen good improvement and looked for lots of opportunities to celebrate, using house systems and assemblies to remind and encourage. We are planning to run a new group in February this year to remind, prompt and encourage families to keep up the good work!

The attached plans (see below) are to give you a guide to running a group. These are ideas which you can adapt to suit your own circumstances: use as much or as little as you need, or use it as a basis to develop your own plan.

                                        Best of luck with your plan!



Download the session plans, and a master copy that you can adapt:

Master Copy

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3 and 4

Session 5

Session 6

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