Including Traveller Cultures in the Curriculum at the Early Years Foundation Stage
Mary Jeans and
Louise Burrowes

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Early Years Foundation Stage in Reception class or other settings.

Addressing the needs of Traveller pupils in the following areas of the Practice Guidance for the Early Years Foundation Stage:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development - Self-confidence and self-esteem, Sense of community
  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World - Time, Place, Comunities

Traveller cultures can be included in the following topic areas:

  • How things move
  • Clothes
  • Myself and others, my family
  • Homes
  • Special times
  • Old and new
  • Journeys
  • Machines
  • Transport
  • Patterns all around
  • Living things


There are plenty of opportunities in the Early Years Foundation Stage for including Traveller Cultures in the curriculum, and it is especially important to do this where there are Traveller pupils in the class.  The document which can be downloaded here was written for a particular Gloucestershire school, but it has many practical ideas of how this might be achieved in any school which has Traveller pupils.



Download the MSWord document here:

Including Traveller cultures in the curriculum: Foundation Stage (Reception) is an education resource for the development of positive tolerance - find out more...