Traveller Education
Including Traveller Cultures in the Curriculum


  • “Schools should promote and affirm the culture and lifestyle of Traveller pupils.”  Ofsted – ‘Provision and Support for Traveller pupils’  Dec 2003
  •  “Ensure that within the National Curriculum subjects, particularly Citizenship, every opportunity is taken to positively reflect Gypsy Traveller history, culture, language and lifestyle.”   Advice in ‘Aiming High: Raising the Achievement of Gypsy Traveller Pupils’ DfES July 2003
  • “It is important that some materials in the school reflect Traveller culture and the diversity of culture and that these materials are available for all pupils and not just the Travellers.”  Glos TES ‘Some Issues for the Inspection of Schools with Traveller Pupils''


  • Draw on personal experiences of individual Traveller pupils to enrich learning for all pupils  eg building up fairground rides, making holly wreaths, knowledge of horses, being a bridesmaid, making a bender, living in a trailer. (NB Traveller pupils may be Gypsy or Irish Travellers,  Showmen or New Travellers, each group bringing different life experiences to school.  But Traveller families also have individual differences, one from another.  Beware of over-generalising!
  • Give a Traveller context to everyday tasks eg ‘Counting at Appleby’ is a CD with an activity to practise counting up to 10, using pictures of people, animals and objects at Appleby Fair; Interview a Traveller parent or grandparent  for developing Listening and Speaking skills.
  • Teach topics from Traveller history and culture eg History:  the Gypsy Holocaust, Gypsies in Tudor times, Victorian Fairgrounds; D&T: Design and Make a Fairground Ride; Geography: Mapping the Gypsy Diaspora.



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  • Make sure school has books and resources which reflect Traveller cultures, available for all pupils
  • Borrow box of resources from the Traveller Education Team to get ideas
  • Look for opportunities in mid-term planning
  • (Sensitively) get to know individual pupils and families and other contacts in Traveller communities