The Bully

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Yo. I’m Olivia Sheldon and  I’m a “Travelling Showman”. I live with my mum, dad and little sister and I’m 12 years old.  I go to Ribston Hall High School for Girls in Gloucester. They have given me a laptop to work on while I’m away so I can email them and say what I’m up to. It’s very useful as I can go on the Internet as well to do research on some of my topics. Most people think it would be really hard being away from school but still having to do all the work but I’m used to it and actually I like it this way.

I wrote a story as part of my English work and thought I'd send it to my Traveller teacher, Mary Jeans, who liked it and said I should put it on a website so other people could read it.

I'm a great fan of video games, and my favourite is the Square Enix game 'Star Ocean: Till the end of time'  - so my story is based on characters from the game - but I hope you'll see that I've used them to make my own story!

Disclaimer: Olivia has based her story on the video games she knows. Some of the characters and locations in this story are taken from the Square Enix game 'Star Ocean: Till the end of time' and are the property of this game's creators - TriAce.

So here it is:


"The Bully"

by Olivia Sheldon

Now, I’m going to tell you a story, a true story. However, before I begin, I will have to ask you to keep reminding yourself it’s true, because it sounds a little far fetched…

A couple of years ago, in a parallel universe on a planet called Elicoor 2 (and before you ask, there are four Elicoors, each with a dozen moons but sharing a sun between them) There lived dragons,  monsters, humans and of course a load of other weird and wonderful things, but mainly those three.

So in the country of Aquaria, there was a small mining town called kirsa (and yes, kirsa is spelt without a capital letter, don’t ask me why, just get used to it and be thankful I picked kirsa and not the town next to it, Hacsacerthwaitgettorjodmoncal!)

In kirsa, there lived quite a few people, but for now let’s focus on half a dozen fifteen year olds.

First, there’s Nel, a very agile girl with hawth-kimp red hair (hawth-kimp is a bright red delicious fruit on Elicoor 2, and also it’s Nel’s favourite!) Nel is the best assassin in Aquaria, possibly the best in the whole of Elicoor 2!

Then there’s Nel’s neighbour, Maria. Not a very agile girl, very thin, but by no means fragile. She’s very sensible, and is the best gunner  in both their universe and ours. Her long hair and eagle eyes were both a bright shade of blue.

Just a little further down the street are Fayt’s and Cliff’s houses. Cliff was tall and muscular and wouldn’t hesitate to give you a smack round the mouth if you annoyed him. (Don’t get me wrong, he’s actually really kind, blonde and dreamy- but don’t tell him I said that!)

Fayt isn’t as aggressive as Cliff, and doesn’t fight with his fists. Fayt is a sword master, and wouldn’t fight unless he had to. His hair a wonderful electric blue, his eyes a dreamy hazel.

Then there’s Albel, or ‘Albel the wicked’ as he is known. He, like Fayt, uses a sword to fight and is the most aggressive, sarcastic, evil person you could ever meet. He’s very agile, slender and strong. He’s possibly the most amazingly good-looking person in any dimension, and although he and everyone else are aware of this, he isn’t one bit bigheaded.

Not forgetting Sophia, the most mysterious of the group. In fact, I’m the only person who knows much about her. But all I’m telling you, is that she’s very pretty, has thick, wavy chestnut hair and wide, beautiful chestnut eyes.

Now, when I said that they lived in a parallel universe, maybe I should have been a bit more specific… hmmm… How do I put this… their universe was created. Originally, they were characters in a game, but they got very intelligent. It all got very technical. The game, ‘The Eternal Sphere’ turned into a parallel universe! In the end the only difference between them and us was the dimension that we each lived in.

My friend Harley is the Creator of ‘The Eternal Sphere’ and is very proud of it. I’m the only person, apart from Harley, who knows it exists.

However, Harley felt that the beings she had created were getting too intelligent for their own good. You could no longer control them, but you went into the game yourself! She didn’t like it and decided to install a set of monsters she called ‘The Executioners’ in to the game to kill off all the beings.

Now, I didn’t want to interfere, but it seemed wrong to do such a thing. Maybe if the game was actually a game then I would have let it be destroyed, but it wasn’t a game, it was a different dimension, a digital reality, a home for a zillion digital beings no different from ourselves. It wasn’t fair. I had to do something.

So I did do something.

Well first, I had to steal the Eternal Sphere Database, which was like a C.D. Rom. I went around Harley’s place while she was out and told her mum that I had left my game in Harley’s bedroom. Bingo.

I took it back to my place and found out how I could uninstall the Executioners. However I would need some help and I couldn’t tell anybody else about the game. I would have to get help from the people in the game. I did some research and picked six people.  Their names were Albel Nox, Sophia Esteed, Fayt Leingod, Cliff Fitter, Maria Traydor and Nel Zelfer. They all lived in kirsa on Elicoor 2. I had been in the Eternal Sphere before so I entered my name, Livi, and my password and I was off!

So there I was in the kirsa hills with my two long swords attached to my back, heading for kirsa when all of a sudden I heard an unexpected scream coming from the other side of a hill. I ran quickly, only to find Nel and Maria faced by what must be one of Harley’s Executioners. It was taller than a person, with freakishly long fingers and was pure black apart from two white circles which must have been its eyes.

“AHAHAHAHAHA!!!” It screamed in such a high pitch I was wondering if it had deafened Nel and Maria. “ We are the Executioners, sent by the Creator to destroy you all!!!!” I knew Nel and Maria were quite tough but no way could they kill this thing. I was about to swoop in and help, but, too late, they were out cold on the floor. Guess I’d have to take him by myself.

After a long and tiring fight I finally killed it. I ran over to Maria and Nel. They were still breathing. They wouldn’t wake up so I carried them back to kirsa hospital where the nurses said they would look after them. I left them there and ran off to find the others.

I found Fayt first. He obviously didn’t know who I was, why I was here, where I came from and what was going on, so I filled him in. He didn’t believe me at first, but when he thought about it, it all made sense. He asked me what I wanted him to do, and I replied that I was going to need help from him and his friends to save their universe. He asked me why them. I didn’t reply. But I picked them because the uninstaller was within one of them, and if I took that person to a planet called Styx, the uninstaller would activate.

I gave Fayt a million Fol (Fol is the money they use in the Eternal Sphere) and told him to buy new weapons for him and his friends. I told him about Nel and Maria and said I was going to go and check on them. He was worried and ran off to the hospital himself. I rushed after him.

When I got there I saw Fayt. He was crying. I looked at the nurse. She shook her head and said those evil words, “I’m sorry.” I hadn’t known Nel and Maria for very long, but I too got a bit upset. I didn’t realise that the Executioners were this powerful. Fayt got up and walked home. I walked to the hotel and got a room for the night.

The next morning I was woken up by a loud knock on the door. I opened it only to find Sophia, Cliff, Albel and Fayt ready to go. I looked at the clock. It was half past six! I know I’ve come to save a universe but I think that’s just a little early.

Anyway, I got up, got my stuff and went. I hired a space shuttle to take us to Styx.  We all got in and off we went.

Fayt had already explained everything to the others and so I didn’t need to say anything. Fayt and Cliff were sat down, talking. Sophia was staring out the window and Albel was stood in the corner. I hadn’t realised before that he had a mechanical left arm. I was about to ask him about it but Sophia stopped me.

“Don’t.” she whispered.

“Don’t what?” I replied. How on earth could she know what I was thinking?

“Don’t ask him.” She said. But then I realised, neither of us were actually speaking! We were talking to each other through our minds!

“How long have you been able to do this?” I asked her. I looked at her she was as shocked as I was.  It was like we were connected. Neither of us had done this before. It was scary. And then I remembered something. Whilst researching how to uninstall the executioners I came across a riddle and the answer to the riddle was the answer to my problem.

The uninstaller that you need,

Is inside someone that can bleed,

And in another that can do the same,

But you need them both to save the game.

So I needed two people but whom?


Half is in you,

You’re one of the two.

 Ok, that bits pretty straight forward, what’s next?

Once inside the Eternal Sphere,

When all your hope turns to fear,

Open your mind and open it wide,

What you’re looking for will crawl inside.

Until now, I didn’t understand the last bit, but now I’ve got it.

“SOPHIA!!!!!!!!!!” I screamed, “ It’s you! You’re the one I’ve been looking for! You’re the answer! You’re the other half!” Sophia gave me a weird look, as did Fayt. “Care to share?” asked Cliff.

“What are you talking about, fool?” Albel questioned. I explained everything to them about the riddles and then they all went quiet.

Nobody talked for the last half hour, and I used the time to think. I thought about Harley, and how angry she would be. She deserves it. She’s nothing but a bully, only she’s bullying a whole universe! It wouldn’t be right to just let her kill them all.

We arrived at Styx, got out of the shuttle and stood there. “Well what now?” Sophia said.

“Fayt, Cliff, Albel, wait here and guard the shuttle. Sophia, come with me.”

I walked with Sophia across that boring planet where nothing lived for almost an hour when suddenly the both of us felt a sudden instinct to go left where the road forked. We laughed. It was odd how we always thought alike. We continued to walk.

A while later, we caught a glimpse of where the road ended it was at the top of a cliff and for some odd reason, we both knew that this was where we needed to go. So we ran excitedly onwards and began to climb to the cliff.

We climbed to the top and all of a sudden, we began to feel funny. We felt as though we weren’t there, as if we could no longer control our bodies. We both floated up into the air and we came together holding hands. We closed our eyes and then reopened them, only this time I was in Sophia’s body looking at mine, and she was in my body looking at hers. And then the weird bit happened.

Our souls came out of our bodies and came together to make one and then our bodies did the same. Our soul went back into our body and we became one. Our body floated back down to the floor. We got up and looked at our body. I would say we felt weird, but we didn’t. We felt right.

We looked up and there, stood in front of us, was Harley! We don’t know why, but we stuck out our hand. A jet of light came shooting out of our palm towards Harley. She floated upwards and suddenly all the Executioners went rushing inside of her, because there were so many, it took a while. Harley came crashing to the ground and then she just vanished! So that was it. It was over. We began to walk back to the others.

We had to explain why there was one of us not two of us. And then we had to decide on our name. We were half Livi and half Sophia. So we thought Sophlivia, but that didn’t work so we took out the ‘ph’ from the middle and made Solivia. Then we took the ‘S’ off the front to make Olivia, three letters from Sophia and three letters from Livi.

Well what did you think of that? I did tell you my story was a bit weird. In fact, my story’s very weird. But it’s true, I promise you!

True Stories is a booklet produced by Gloucestershire County Council Education Department.