Traveller Education
Who Are Travellers?
Essential Background Information

The term 'Travellers' is used to denote what is in fact a whole variety of different cultures with varied customs and needs. There are two broad groupings of Travellers: Ethnic Travellers, and Occupational Travellers. While it is useful to be aware that Travellers are not a homogenous group, and be prepared with relevant information, it is however, equally important to regard all pupils and their parents as individuals.

Ethnic Traveller Groups

English Travellers

Also known as Romany or Gypsy Travellers. May live in houses or on Local Authority, private or unauthorised sites. May be highly mobile or not travel at all.

Irish Travellers

Mostly, but not always, more mobile thasn English Travellers.

European Roma

Usually housed. Will have English as an Additional Language. Contact EMAS.

Occupational Travellers

Showmen (Fairground)

Have winter quarters in Gloucestershire. Usually travel to fairs from Easter to November. Some pupils will need short term school places while travelling into Gloucestershire during the season.

Circus and Other Performers

Usually on the road for most of the year, and will normally need school places for only one or two weeks.

New Travellers

Have usually opted for travelling lifestyle, rather than being 'traditional' Travellers.