Traveller Education Service
Working with Traveller Children


What are the needs of Traveller pupils?

  • To be made welcome and to feel safe and secure
  • To have someone to turn to
  • To make friends
  • To catch up on missed work
  • To follow the National Curriculum
  • To have lifestyle and culture accepted

How can the school meet the needs of Traveller pupils?

  • School induction process for new pupils – explain rules and expectations clearly
  • ‘Buddy’ for first days in school
  • Peer support through ‘Study budy’ scheme
  • Inclusion in mainstream lessons – teaching strategies and differentiated work
  • Involve the Traveller Education Team

Some suggestions for the first early days in school

  • Encourage pupils to participate in all activities
  • Don’t assume SEN because of gaps in learning
  • Contact the Traveller Education Team
  • Integrate pupils as quickly as possible
  • Establish good relationships with parents

Recognizing the additional needs of Traveller pupils

Pupils may have additional needs because:

  • They may not be familiar with school expectations and routines
  • Have had frequent changes of school/ no schooling
  • Have gaps in learning
  • May only stay for a short while
  • Cultural differences
  • Some parents may not have been to school and : phone contact may be better than letters
  • Experienced racism/discrimination in or out of school

Meeting the additional needs of Traveller pupils

The school can mee the additional needs of Travellers through:

  • Information, resources and INSET from READS
  • Finding out about culture, and implementing, for example:
  • School trips
  • School uniform: changing for PE
  • PHSE
  • Celebrating festivals and cultural diversity
  • Strategies for inclusion of non-literate pupils / access and training in ICT
  • Multiagency approach to identifying and meeting additional needs of pupils

Traveller Education Team support to schools

  • Direct teaching support
  • Advice to mainstream staff in schools
  • Training and INSET
  • Resources – a wide range of resources are available to Gloucestershire schools

For more information, contact:

Josie Arnold

(01452) 427261