Christy's Dream

Christy's Dream by Caroline Finch ISBN 0-7497-4294-1

In the Ballymun area of Dublin, ponies are kept amid the inner-city tower block estates. Other boys living in his tower block have horses, and Christy longs to own his own pony - but his mother forbids him from having one himself. Christy secretly saves all his pocket money to buy one at the Smithfield Horse Market. But what will his mum say when he brings Jasmine home?

Literacy Activities linked to NLS for KS1 & KS2, Year 2,4,& 5



Further literacy resources on Traveller culture    

For more literacy Resources to support the use of Traveller culture in the Literacy Hour visit the Kent NGfL website.

This comprehensive list compiled by Peta Ruddock has a large index of resources which may be used by teachers wishing to incorporate aspects of Traveller culture into the Literacy Hour. Texts are grouped by genre, using categories from the Literacy Framework. There are also suggestions for using the texts. Some are available to download as MSWord documents for immediate use. Some of the shorter pieces are highly informative and evocative, offering much scope for text level work, and the stories taken down from Duncan Williamson are superb examples of the oral tradition. is an education resource for the development of positive tolerance - find out more...