Leon Greenman - Nazi Death Camp Survivor

Leon GreenmanOn June 11th, 2003 Leon Greenman, a 92 year old survivor of the Nazi death camps came to Carlton-Bolling City Learning Centre in Bradford. iRespect is pleased to be able to make a recording of the talk available as a resource for those working on the Holocaust.

Leon Greenman was born in London, a Jewish man, and is a British citizen. He was one of only two men who survived the transport of 700 Jews from Westerbork in Holland to Auschwitz in 1943.

Leon was the only Englishman in Auschwitz. He occasionally came across British PoW's who were in neighboring camps. Leon's two year old son and wife Elsa were both murdered in the gas chambers.

Mr Greenman was liberated from Buchenwald by the Americans on April 11, 1945. Mr Greenman said he was fulfilling a promise made to God that if he survived, the world would know what happened in the camps. - more biographical information can be found at the Moving Here website, see: Leon Greenman - Auschwitz Survivor 98288

The Leon Greenman Talk
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Section of the talk:
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Time (mins)
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Introduction 2.30
Before the War, living in England and Holland 5.20
Living in Rotterdam after occupation 5.40
Taken away to the camps 4.50
Westerbork camp 6.20
Transferred to Auschwitz death camp 17.00
Surviving the camps 5.40
Death march 9.15
Liberation and returning home 5.20
Conclusion 3.10
Questions and Answers

To aid comprehension of the talk there is a set of discussion questions to accompany the audio material.