Stow on the Wold Primary School Visit the Fair


The Traveller Education Service contacted the local primary school in Stow and involved the Headteacher, Rebecca Stutt, in planning involvement from the school in the Big Tent project. The week began with an exhibition of photographs of Gloucestershire Travellers and a collection of books for the children to look at and work with in their classrooms. Children from Year 3 and Year 1 were then taken to the Fair. This is an account of their day:

9 children from Year 3 and 10 from Year 1 enjoyed spending time at the workshop.   Year 3 were able to make a plaster cast of their foot or hand and while it was setting, they were shown how to make some beautiful cards, using tissue paper, pressed flowers and chalk.   By the time they'd finished, the hands were ready and the children were shown how to finish them off.   We were joined by a group of about 14 Traveller boys in the morning and a mixture of about 6 or 7 children in the afternoon.   The children interacted beautifully and the Traveller children were very interested in what was going on and how to do the activities.   They asked lots of questions!  Our children were quite quiet, but worked well with the other children and adult helpers.

Grateful thanks must go to the ever-patient adult helpers/organisers – especially Mark, who was organising the Year 3 activities.   The two ladies were very vigilant and helpful too.   Year 1 helped to do some drawings for the big mural and made some small dolls.

We could all have stayed longer but it was dinnertime and home time!   The majority of parents gave permission for their children to go, although we were only able to take 9/19 from Year 3, due to space and availability of adult help.


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