Our Untold Stories

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With the advent of the new millenium, it was felt that the opportunity could not be missed to document, for the first time, the contribution me over the last half century by the Chinese community in Gloucestershire.

Considering there was practically no pre-existing information on the history and settlement the Chinese community locally, this work is of great significance.

Multilingual researchers were trained to interview community members and record people's experiences for this book. The project provided an opportunity for the older generation to share experiences of settling in a strange country. It helps promote better understanding of Chinese culture in the local population, both for non-Chinese individuals and for the younger Chinese generation.

Now the text and images from the book are brought to a wider audience through the iRespect web site. In addition iRespect adds lesson plans for use at KS2 and KS3.

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Our Untold Stories is a series of three award winning local history books - find out more...