Fishpool News Update

The Year 2004 - 2005 has seen many exciting new developments taking place at Fishpool, as well as further expansion in a variety of areas already established, and new schools, Churchdown and Severn Vale welcomed into Fishpool. There are also a number of achievements which are cause for celebration!

Here are some of the things which are going on:

The Black Forum  

This year a group has been formed to support and develop the work of Fishpool. The Forum comprises a group of people from a wide range of areas and interests who share a commitment to raising awareness and opportunities for black pupils. They meet each month at Widden Family Centre to discuss action plans for implementation within - and beyond - schools.

A training programme for schools has been devised which will raise awareness of concerns of Black parents and pupils, and trainers have been identified for delivery to schools - initially at Brockworth.

Severn Vale have made a video  which explores the views and issues of importance to Black pupils and parents.

ACA Saturday School


The ACA Saturday School is being re-launched. Welcome to new teacher Jannety, who is now working with Haltia to develop the Saturday school and provide exciting activities and support to youngsters.

Jannety and Haltia have been establishing links with schools through talks with Headteachers, meetings with School Councils, and presenting school assemblies.

Links have been made with Widden, Tredworth Infants and Juniors, Finlay, St James, St. Paul's, Calton Infants and Juniors and Linden Primary.

The Futures Club


  The work at Widden with young Black pupils will be integrated into Vision and Fishpool, with assistance from Haltia Watkins.
Parent Training  
  The Parent Training Programme has proved very popular, and is expanding, with the training of new facilitators, Charles Campbell and Mary Sargent, who will join Pauline Reynolds, Dee Russell-Thomas, Haltia Watkins and Robert Campbell. This allows the programme to be offered to a larger audience. The REU programmes are made available through the support of ACA, Fishpool and Connexions. Find out more ...
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