Jamaican Photos

Jamaican PicturesA photographic record of the autumn term teachers' visit to Jamaica.
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Sound Advice

A collection of quotes and sayings displayed around schools that promote a strong learning ethos.
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Jamaica Linking Project

Jamaica LinkingRaising achievement through school linking. Latest report on the progress of this important project.
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Jamaican Video and Powerpoint

Devotion videoA video from the autumn term teachers' visit to Jamaica.
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'Talking Heads' DVD

A video project to record the Jamaican experience of Gloucestershire residents.  

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Jamaican websites:
Comparing life in Jamaica & Wales


The Jamaican community in Gloucester goes back to the early 1950's (see Our Untold Stories) and strong links have been maintained through St Anne's Society, Jamaica Sports and Social Club, and other organisations. There are now also strong links between schools in Gloucestershire and those in Jamaica and these continue to flourish - an exchange visit in the autumn term 2003 and the return visit from teachers in the spring term 2004, has allowed a fertile exchange of ideas and good practice, and increased understanding. Fishpool has benefited from and contributed to this exchange, and this has resulted in the initiation of a number of new schemes and projects.