April 2007

Easter in Poland

Polish students from two schools in Cheltenham (St. Gregory's Primary School and Pittville Secondary School) prepared a display about Easter in Poland.


The main aim was to show to their classmates how Easter is celebrated in Poland.

Children prepared colourful posters with lots of information and photographs. Click HERE to see more!

In Poland we start the Easter celebrations on Saturday. Everyone prepares a 'blessing basket' which is then taken to the church to be blessed. The basket is full of different food, e.g. coloured eggs (Pisanki), cake (Mazurek), sugar lamb (Cukrowy Baranek). On Sunday morning we have a family breakfast which we start with sharing eggs and wish each other good luck and happiness.

It was good fun and a great opportunity for Polish students to share their traditions and customs with the other students. For most of them it will be their first Easter abroad, far away from family and friends.

I think that this little display is important for Polish students to help them feel a bit better at school and for the other students to learn about Polish customs and culture. I would like to thank the schools for giving us the chance to show our display and wish everyone a Happy Easter (Wesolych Swiat).

Kataryna Taylor

Bilingual TA

Secondary EMA Team, READS

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