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" Dean Close Fun Day" - July 1st 2010

This has been an annual event for a number of years. The Dean Close 6th form students support bilingual pupils in a number of secondary schools. This year they have helped one afternoon a week in Brockworth Enterprise School and Bishops’ College. They have built up strong relationships with the bilingual pupils and have assisted with their work.
As a grand finale to this, Dean Close open up their school and facilities and we at READS organise 50 bilingual pupils from a number of schools to spend the day at the Cheltenham school. It is a chance for them to meet others who share the same language and cultural traditions but who are in different schools.
A wide range of activities are provided. This year the students had a chance to try out the following: African drumming, Street dancing, badge-making, African dance, football, basketball, fitness suite, softball, Arts and crafts, and a drama workshop. Dean Close volunteers from Year 9 hosted the bilingual pupils, and joined with them in all the activities. They shared a barbecue lunch and the day finished with home-made ice-cream. A brilliant time was had by all ... and no one wanted to leave!
The schools involved this year were: Barnwood Park, Beaufort, Bishops’ College, Brockworth, Christ College, Churchdown, Severn Vale, St. Peter’s High and Ribston.

Dee Russell-Thomas


Gym Workout

Street Dancing


Badge Making

African Drumming

African Dance

Art Workshop