The Gloucestershire Gypsy Roma Traveller Awards Evening

June 24th 2010

“The wise amongst us know that shifting the prejudice that blights our communities is a Herculean task that requires ingenuity, positivity and resourcefulness. But most of all it takes time. And Gypsy Traveller History Month is not just the time but our time. It’s our time to shine.”

Jake Bowers, writer and Gypsy Traveller and compere for Gloucestershire Awards Evening

The Gloucestershire Gypsy Roma Traveller Awards evening held on June 24 at the Picturedrome Theatre, Gloucester was certainly a time for many local Traveller girls and boys to shine. It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening with 45 learners receiving awards and a variety of superb acts from 15 schools playing to an audience of 350 proud parents and teachers. The atmosphere was amazing, bristling with excitement. Feedback from those who attended has been overwhelmingly positive and included the following:
‘The children really enjoyed the event..’
‘I have no doubt that every child and family there gained in some way.’
‘I thought it was brilliant – really fast moving and zappy and a true celebration’
‘Can we start planning next year?’

This last comment was from a teenage girl who confessed to dreaming about the evening after attending. We do plan to have a similar occasion next year and I hope that our motivation for doing so is obvious. Already we have a group of teenagers keen to organise the event and children all over Gloucestershire honing up their acts.
Well done and thank you to all who came and especially to those brave enough to take to the stage.

Karen Steger

A packed auditorium

Kingsholm Choir

Brandon sings 'Great Balls of Fire'

Chloe, our youngest Award winner, receives her certificate

Young Gypsy Boys (Bishops' College)

Bonnie sings like Taylor Swift

Rico is Michael Jackson

Sampi awaits his award

Proud John with medal and certificate

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