World Cup 2010

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We celebrate this tournament in verse, this year. Why not encourage your students at your school to write Haikus about this great international event and stimulate both literacy and numeracy?

Haikus are 3 lines long: the first line comprises 5 syllables, the second line 7 syllables and the third line 5 syllables.

Seemingly easy, it is, in fact, a demanding form. Here are a couple of examples to set you on your way:

A Rainbow Nation

A Rainbow Nation

Arcs across the shanty towns

Bulldozed for football.

Green Point Stadium

Green Point Stadium,

Stares out at Robben Island:

Ghosts stare out from cells.

(Nelson Mandela's prison: the old and the new)

Stares Out at Robin Island

From Massacre's Memories

Bloody massacres occur:

Boipatong Township.

A small child survives,

That small child is now a man:

Aaron Mokoena.

This captain strides out

From massacre's memories;

He leads a nation.

(South Africa's captain, Aaron Mokoena survived the massacre in Boipatong township as a young child)

Entries to

These will be displayed on the irespect website and there is a possibility of inclusion in a slim volume published at the end of the tournament.

(Copyright passes to the irespect website).

For more information visit the Brockworth Enterprise School Website World Cup Page.


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