iRespect - External Resources/Links

Here's a selection of excellent resources for supporting the teaching of positive tolerance and active citizenship... if there are others you think should be added please contact us.

Positive Tolerance in the US - is an absolute cornucopia of riches. A web project of The Southern Poverty Law Center there are different sections for teachers, parents, teens and kids. Including a wide selection of lesson plans for all ages. - Read our Teachers' Guide for more info.

Simon Wiesenthal Center - Excellent resourse for history work on the Holocaust with potential for Citizenship also.
Best section of the site for teaching is the Museum of Tolerance On-line Learning Center - Read our Teachers' Guide introducing the learning potential of the site and check out our Holocaust poetry writing frames based on material from the site.

Museum of Tolerance - This museum goes beyond the Holocaust to look at the dynamics of racism and prejudice within the USA. The site has a lot of potential for electronic learning in both History and Citizenship. Read our Teachers' Guide for the site.

Little Rock Nine Foundation : is one of many sites about the Little Rock Nine and the efforts to achieve school desegregation in the US in the 1950s.
Read our Teachers' Guide for Little Rock Nine sites.

Ruby Bridges Foundation : At the tender age of 6, Ruby Bridges helped end segregation in New Orleans. She is supported by a Foundation that seeks to challenge racism and promote diversity and tolerance.
See our Teachers' Guide for the Ruby Bridges site.


Gloucestershire Sites

The anti-slavery arch: Stroud
- Near Archway School in Stroud, stands an Arch, the only memorial of its type left in Britain, to the Abolition of Slavery in the British Colonies. The Arch, after which Archway School is named, suggests that slavery has been abolished. However the school is committed to highlighting the plight of modern slaves and is using the restoration of the Arch to bring the issue to public attention.

Tredworth Junior School Oral History Project - wanted to find out more about what it was like to come to Gloucester from another country, and how things have changed. During our last term at Junior school, Summer 2000, they did an oral history project. Read all about it and view videos and transcripts of interviews with elders in the local community.

Football Poets - the world's leading football poetry site includes a section on "Lets Kick Racism Out of Football" with examples of anti-racist football poems by Gloucestershire school students.


Gloucester Opportunities Scheme - The scheme assists young men from Black & Minority Ethnic (BME) communities in Gloucester access a wider range of employment, education and training opportunities.

Gloucestershire Resource Centre - GRC is a unique community enterprise. Not only do they provide a practical range of services but they have developed their City Works building to accommodate other community and arts groups alongside start up businesses. This adds up to a vibrant centre hosting many different activities. A useful resource for education.

School Links: CTC Gloucester & Lela School, Kenya

Celebrating a decade of school linking between Central Technology College, Gloucester and Lela Secondary School in Western Kenya ... This website is well worth visiting !
(Created by Carol Shayle & Simon Trapnell)


Race Equality

Equality and Human Rights Commission On 1 October 2007 the three equality commissions merged into the new Equality and Human Rights Commission:
? Commission for Racial Equality (CRE)
? Disability Rights Commission (DRC)
? Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC)

Institute of Race Relations
Links to anti-racist resources

Show Racism the Red Card campaign

Racial Justice

This is organised as a game involving kids from different backgrounds. You learn about each of them and the decisions and situations they face at school, in the park , on the bus, at the police station etc. You can visit a mosque, gurudwara, church, chapel, synagogue or temple. The Serious Issues section is excellent and contains information about the main UK language and religious groups, UK immigration law, numbers of ethnic minorities etc.

The National Assembly Against Racism
The National Assembly Against Racism is involved in a whole range of campaigns. Three major campaigns are the Coalition Against Racism/Unite to Stop the BNP, Speak Out Against Racism/Defend Asylum Seekers, and the Apology of Substance for slavery and colonialism campaign

Independent Race and Refugee News Network
Source of up to date news items re: racism. Produced by the Institute for
Race Relations.

Trial & Error
TRIAL & ERROR is a resource for classroom teachers who want to develop young people's awareness, key skills and knowledge of racism, identity and diversity issues at Key Stage 3 & 4. Its development was funded by the DfES and supported by staff in the DfES Citizenship Education Unit. Written and compiled by Stella Dadzie (author of Racetracks and Toolkit for Tackling Racism in Schools) TRIAL & ERROR invites young people aged 11-16 years to explore and resolve the many different problems in the world that arise because of racism, stereotyping and fear of religious, cultural or ethnic differences. more info...

Runnymede Trust
Useful information about race equality & multiethnic Britain (home of the Commission on the Future of Multi-Ethnic Britain) also Islamaphobia.

Rethinking Schools
Thoughtful site from USA. “Rethinking Schools ….is firmly committed to equity and to the vision that public education is central to the creation of a humane, caring, multiracial democracy. While writing for a broad audience, Rethinking Schools emphasizes problems facing urban schools, particularly issues of race.”

Coastkid Anti-Bullying
Brighton & Hove anti-bullying site. Includes ionformation about refugees and minority ethnic pupils; racist bullying. This site is young person friendly and aimed at young people in school.

   Catalyst is a new on-line magazine from the CRE - it is at the forefront of new thinking on race relations and racial equality today, both in Britain and abroad. We chose the name to reflect the magazine's role: to kickstart debates, discussions, new ideas and arguments - about where we are now, and where we might be going in the future. If you're interested in race, identity, citizenship, culture and community, and how these concepts are continually evolving and re-shaping the society we live in, then Catalyst is for you.


Racist Bullying

This is a new and important DfES sponsored site which give guidance and provides training materials for schools about racist bullying.

There are 5 sections:Introducing, Responding, Preventing, Training, and Developing Download the 5 sections here

The Muslim Faith and School Uniform Download this useful guidance document from the NUT website.


Raising Attainment of Minority Ethnic pupils

DCSF Ethnic Minority Achievement

QCA Respect for All – Valuing Diversity and Challenging Racism through the Curriculum.

Recently revised and updated, contains new sections, including: New Resources, Subject Case Studies and a Teacher Audit Tool - designed to assist teachers and school managers assess their current inclusion practice.

QCA to download “A Language in Common”

QCA Pathways to Learning for New Arrivals

This new site has extensive information and resources to help teachers respond effectively to the needs of pupils newly arrived from overseas.


Multiverse is an Initial Teacher Training Professional Resource Network (IPRN). The website provides teacher educators, student teachers and trainees with a wealth of resources that focus on enhancing the educational achievement of pupils from diverse backgrounds.


South  Gloucestershire Consortium and Bristol's EMAS website has an excellent range of downloadable resources produced by the service for EAL pupils. These include resources for pupils new to English, and curriculum resources.

Portsmouth Ethnic Minority Achievement Service

This website has a wide range of resources including bilingual resources, talking books, an interactive refugee quiz, and a wide range of resources suitable for celebrating Chinese New Year.


Haringey Refugee Project This website has really useful resources for teachers, including bilingual school phrase books in a range of mlanguages, and excellent classroom display photo-powerpoints for a range of subjects, including PE, D&T and Geography.

The National Strategies

The new National Strategies website brings together in an easily accessible format all the documents you need to access for the inclusion of EAL, Black and GRT pupils.


Literacy and English as an Additional Language

NALDIC (National Association for Language Development in the Curriculum). Up to date information on all aspects of EAL and Minority Ethnic pupils. See especially the Resource section for advice on using ICT, and the Resource Links for links to all LEA EMA service websites to find bilingual and differentiated resources.

Literacy Trust
National Literary Trust - Telling Tales : links to projects that show imaginative ways to capture stories from different cultures and generations and share them with a wider audience.

Tredworth Junior School Oral History Project

NCLL (National Centre for Language & Literacy –University of Reading)

International Education Partnership (Collaborative Learning Project)
Source of classroom activities suitable for EAL learners

Aiming High: Meting the needs of newly arrived learners of EAL Read on-line, or download this publication from the Primary National Strategy.

Home and Community Languages

(Centre for Information on Language Teaching and Research)

Letterbox Library
Children’s books selected on the basis of quality & equality

Mantra Lingua
Multicultural & dual language books

Milet Publishers
Multicultural & dual language books

Online dual language dictionaries

Translated Letters for Schools Produced by the former Dingle Granby Toxteth EAZ: 14 letters in 31 languages - a realy useful resource for schools to communicate with families!

Newent Community School have produced some excellent resources for Polish and Bulgariian pupils learning English. Contragulations to G Judd!


Religions of the world
Useful description of main world religions on the BBC website

From Brahma to Ganesh, there's information about Hinduism and access to detailed information, with pictures, of Hindu gods.

Hinduism for Schools
This London Hindu centre's site has lots of useful information about Hinduism aimed at both primary and secondary pupils. It is well presented and easy to navigate:- an excellent source of information.

Islam City eduction section
A great information site about Islam and Muslims in text, audio and video. Providing succinct information and appropriate pictures on the Five Pillars of Islam, this site is an outstanding resource using uncomplicated language.

Lively site with links to information about Rastafarianism (Adults only, because of extensive Ganja links)
Also see: Introducing Rastafarian

Multicultural Matters provide background information for all those who wish to raise awareness and understanding of the cultural differences within the diverse communities living in the UK

Interfaith Calendar

Countries and Communities


Bangladesh  Bangladesh Statistical Information and Resources

Chinese Community
Useful re: news, culture, festivals


Jamaica 2K

Jamaica 2K has enabled close links to be established between people involved in education and training in the UK and Jamaica, with support from a wide range of organisations and is actively involved in developing support in the UK for learning opportunities linked to the 10 year “Skills for Life” initiative. Future events include a conference on Caribbean Children's Literature and Storytelling.

Jamaica Guide This travel guide website also contains comprehensive sections on history and culture.

Diversity in the Curriculum

African Drumming
Information, Interactive CD, workshops etc

Black History Map : Channel 4 award winning gateway to websites about black and Asian history across the British Isles.

Multicultural Art
Follow link in menu bar. Excellent resource for teachers and older students

Moving Here : 200 Years of Migration to England. Original material from thirty museums, archives and libraries. The material records and illustrates the migration of Irish, Jewish, South Asian and Caribbean people to England.

Real HistoriesThe Real Histories Directory is an online resource tool intended for teachers, parents, pupils and the wider community to encourage teaching and learning about cultural diversity across the UK. Real Histories facilitates access to and use of culturally diverse resources throughout the entire year and highlights the many contributions that minority ethnic communities have made to British society.

National Curriculum Links
GCC pages on resources to support the National Curriculum.

Positive images supplies quality positive images to inform, influence and inspire through their collection of stunning multicultural posters/prints for all Key Stages.


Shining Star - Multicultural and Multifaith Resources - is a Southampton based not-for-profit making organisation with an excellent range of resources from around the world, including books, music and artefacts. Take a look at their on-line catalogue, which contains many items not usually available in the UK, including jewellery, etnic costumes, dolls, games, friezes - and much more!

London is one of the most multicultural cities in the world, but the history of its diversity often goes untold. This site highlights the museums and community groups that bring that history to life. This website has much of interest, even if you cannot get to visit the museum  itself.

The Equality and Diversity Shop - The complete resource centre for equality and diversity - produces and sources some of the best resources from around the world in order to positively promote equality and diversity. The range includes an excellent choice of art and craft resources, books, and multilingual signs.

Global Links

International Education Office

One World Global Links - gateway to sites about worlds issues and organisations trying to make a difference is an internet community of 978 organisations leading the way for human rights and sustainable development worldwide


Global MindShift's mission is to help bring about a new era of cooperation and creativity on the planet.

See especially Wombat




Refugee Council logoRefugee Council

UNHCR The UN Refugee Agency

Guardian Refugee Archive

ICAR logoInformation Centre about Asylum & Refugees in the UK
ICAR is the only independent centre set up to collect, record, compile and disseminate up to date, comprehensive and academically credible information about refugees and asylum seekers in the UK. It aims to raise the level of public debate and to promote better understanding of the issues.

ICAR has recently relocated to the School of Social Sciences at City University. It is advised by an independent Consultative Committee.

Listen to the Refugee's Story
How UK Foreign Investment Creates Refugees and Asylum Seekers

GTC: current information and research reports on educating Refugees and pupils seeking asylum:

Schools and LEAs develop effective ways to support asylum seeker and refugee pupils

Achieve Network - Supporting Asylum Seeker and Refugee pupils: conference reports

Salusbury WORLD is a charity that supports refugee and asylum seeking children and families. Established in 1999, it was the first refugee centre to be set up within a primary school.

The website contains extensive information on inclusion and education of refugee children. It also has resources for teaching about Refugee Issues in the classroom.


The Integration of Refugee Children: Good Practice in Educational Settings

Information, guidance and examples of good practice to support integration of refugee children. Of interest to all professionals in education.

The National Children's Bureau (NCB) Asylum Seeking and Refugee Children Developing Good Practice website

This new online resource provides essential information and resources for all those working with or for separated or unaccompanied refugee children and young people.

Refugee Week  

Refugee Week is a National annual celebration of the contributions that refugees make to society. The website provides resources for education.



Human Rights

Rights of the Child
"Giving children a voice is a cornerstone of the Convention of the Rights of the Child. The BBC's A World For Children initiative is enabling young people from developing countries to do just that." - Carol Bellamy, Executive Director of UNICEF.

United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child

Anti-Slavery International, founded in 1839, is the world's oldest international human rights organisation and the only charity in the United Kingdom to work exclusively against slavery and related abuses. It works at local, national and international levels to eliminate the system of slavery around the world. Useful content and education resources.

Traveller Education

Hertfordshire Traveller Education Service have produced a downloadable booklet, Traveller Related Literacy Hour Plans, that recommends literature and provides detailed Literacy Hour Planning, covering the whole of the NLS for YR to Y6.

Cyber Pilots is an excellent website fro Traveller children, with games, resources, and contributions by Traveller children themselves. Well worth a look!

Gypsy Travellers

Friends, Families and Travellers is a leading organisation which seeks to address the problems facing the Traveller and Gypsy community. The site has a wealth of information and up to date news for anyone interested in Traveller issues, including a useful section on education.

Gypsy and Traveller Law Reform Coalition The Gypsy & Traveller Law Reform Coalition (G&TLRC) is an alliance of Gypsies, Irish Travellers, New Travellers and other travelling groups who have come together to promote the Traveller Law Reform Bill.

"The Traveller Law Reform Bill would establish for the first time within a legal framework the rights of Gypsies and Travellers to live a nomadic way of life."  David Atkinson MP

The Proceedings of the Old Bailey gives historical information about the Eighteenth Century British Gypsy Community.

One Scotland - No place for racism has information on the history of Gypsy Travellers in Scotland and some stories by Gypsy Travellers about their experiences of racism.

Pictures of the Gypsy Horse fair at Stow-on-the-Wold, May 2003.

The Gypsy Collections at the University of Liverpool has a wide range of articles and photos.

Romany Roots This award winning website from the BBC has a wealth of information and stories from the Kent Romany population.


Irish Travellers

AllAboutIrish 'Travellers an Irish Minority group' is an article about Irish Travellers - past and present.

Pavee Point is a partnership of Irish Travellers and settled people working together to improve the lives of Irish Travellers.


The Gypsy Collections at the University of Liverpool include some material relating to Irish Travellers, including information about the Irish Travellers' language, Shelta.

Showmen / Fairground

The National Fairground Archive, at the University of Sheffield, provides a comprehensive range of photos, articles and useful links.

All the fun of the fair This is the premier site for UK Travelling Showmen & Funfair Fans. It includes photo galleries, showing how fairground rides are put up.



Circusweb - Circuses present and past. This site has a truly comprehensive collection of everything to do with circuses!

New Travellers

This article from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation presents research about the nature of employment for New Travellers, providing useful background information on New Travellers.