Here's How You Can Contribute To iRespect Mosaic

Please send us contributions for

  1. These can be festivals or events to add to the Mosaic Multi Cultural Calendar.
    Download the festival template (50k word document)
  2. You may wish to send us recipes from around the world, especially where they are linked to a cultural festival or event.
    Download the recipe template (50k word document)
  3. Also we'd like teachers to send us case studies of how (or similar) materials have been used in your school - these will form the basis for new lesson plans to be made available on this site.
    Download the case study template (50k word document)

If possible complete the forms on computer and email them along with any images to contributions @

If you can't prepare the information on computer them please post to iRespect Mosaic at READS at this address

Note: when entering the email address remove the spaces either side of the @ sign - the spaces are only included here to reduce spam. is an education resource for the development of positive tolerance - find out more...