July 2013

Date Event
July 1

Independence Day (Burundian and Rwandan)

July 5 Cyril and Methodius Day (Czech/Slovak)
July 9th

Muslim Ramadan - First day

Ramadan: First Day (Muslim) Month of fasting. Find out more from the BBC Schools website

For guidance on meeting the needs of Muslim pupils in school during Ramadan, see chapter 5 'Ramadan the Month of fasting' in 'Meeting the Needs of Muslim pupils in State schools'

July 11

World Population Day

Half of the world's people are under the age of 25. This includes the largest-ever generation of adolescents who are approaching adulthood in a rapidly changing world.

Visit the United Nations Population Fund website to find out more.

July 13

O Bon (Japanese)

The feast of lights. A 3 day Buddhist festival in memory of the dead.


Gloucester Carnival

For more information and updates, visit the link above.


Gloucester Festival

Lots of things to see and do going on, including: Family Funfair, Multicultural Day, Fireworks display...

Click on the link above, to visit the website and find out more!

July 23 RastafarianBirthday of Haile Selassie 1 (Rastafarian)
An introduction to Rastafarian
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