November 2012

Date Event
2 Nov

Haile Selassie 1: Coronation (Rastafarian)

This is a very important date for the Rastafarian community. It commemmorates the day in 1930 when Haile Selassie was crowned as Emperor of Abyssinia.

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2 Nov

Birth of Guru Nanek Dev (Sikh)

about Sikhism

11 Nov

Polish Independence Day

A public holiday in Poland, to commemorate the anniversary of the proclamation of the independent Second Republic in 1918.

11 Nov

Remembrance Sunday

Since 1945, commemorating the dead of both World Wars. Since 2000, representatives from Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Orthodox Christian communities have been invited to the service at the Cenotaph. 2.5 million soldiers from the Indian army fought alongside British troops, together with several hundred thousand from Africa and the Caribbean.

13 Nov

Diwali (Hindu) The festival of lights.
Diwali is celebrated this year on November 13th onwards. Follow this link to find ideas and resources to celebrate Diwali in school at all Key Stages!

about Hinduism

Find out how Hatherley Infants School celebrate Diwali!

15 Nov Al-Hijra (Muslim) Islamic New Year
12-16 Nov

International Education Week

if you are planning events related to international activities for the Autumn term, why not hold them between 12 - 16 November?

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19-23 Nov

Anti-Bullying Week

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28 Nov

Loy Krathong (Thai)

Festival of Lights. A festival dedicated to the Water Goddess. In Thailand, little candle-lit vessels called krathongs containing incense, coins and flowers are set afloat on rivers or ponds, accompanied by banging gongs and fireworks. It is believed the krathongs carry away bad luck and sins of the past year.

Read an account of Loy Krathong written by a Gloucestershire pupil from Thailand.

30 Nov

Filipino National Heroes Day

Commemorates the dead from both World Wars. A public holiday in the Phillipines.

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