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  Refugee Week 2005 June 20th - 26th
 World Refugee Day June 20th 2005

It takes courage to be a refugee

Refugee Week is an annual national celebration of the contributions that refugees have brought to Britain. It is a time to celebrate the cultural diversity which refugees bring to Britain now, and have brought in the past, as well as providing a key event for dispelling damaging media myths about asylum seekers and refugees in Britain today. The week provides a chance to raise awareness and improve understanding.

Follow the link above to the Refugee Week website, to download activity packs for primary and secondary schools.

For more ideas, and assemblies, click here

World Refugee Day is an annual celebration of refugees world-wide. For more information follow the link above to the UNHCR website.

This year's theme is COURAGE. "It takes courage to be a refugee. Courage not to give up hope and to make the most of the hand that has been dealt. Courage to start a new life against daunting odds, eventually to become contributing and enriching members of society once more."


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