Refugee Week Activities for KS1

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Aims and Objectives:

To explore the range of children's own feelings and emotions (positive and negative).

To introduce children to the concept of being a refugee.

To understand that children, regardless of circumstances and where they live, have the same needs and feelings.

To empathise with the feelings and needs of child refugees.



A simple front page of a newspaper - with headline, subtitles, picture, caption and a story.



Activity 1: Feelings


Collection of photographs of people: eg   from magazines, newspapers

Worksheet 1: Feelings - key words

1) Whole class: Introduce children to pictures of people and elicit ideas on what they might be feeling, and why?

Write key words on board - children share examples of what makes them happy, sad, angry etc.

2) Model example of writing a sentence about one of the photographs.

2) Distribute photos of people and key word cards to class groups. Children match words to pictures as a group. Each child takes one photo and key word, and writes a sentence about the picture.


Activity 2: Families and Homes


Large pictures of different families.

Books about different families eg Wake up world! A day in the life of children around the world Oxfam ISBN 0-7112-1484-0

Talk about families and homes. What is important to me?

Draw a spidergram on board with 'me' in centre, and elicit ideas from class on what is important - this should include family members, friends, as well as material items.

Children draw their own spidergrams, using words and/or pictures.


Activity 3: Being a refugee


'Carly' video - available free from UNHCR

Worksheet 2:   'Refugee children's stories'

Introduce concept of 'refugee': Some children have to leave their homes because they are in danger. Discuss reasons why people may need to leave their homes.

Read aloud to class: 'A refugee child's story' - or watch 'Carly' video.

Discuss the stories with the class. Discuss the feelings of the children, and/or Carly's feelings.


Activity 4: Newspaper Article


Worksheet 3: Newspaper front page - teacher.

Worksheet 4: Newspaper front page - pupil.

Enlarge worksheet 3 to A3, and use this to explain task to class.

Photocopy and give one worksheet to each child. Children draw a picture and retell the story.



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