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Refugee Week is an annual national celebration of the contributions that refugees have brought to Britain.   It is a time to celebrate the cultural diversity which refugees bring to Britain now, and have brought in the past, as well as providing a key event for dispelling damaging media myths about asylum seekers and refugees in Britain today. The week provides a chance to raise awareness and improve understanding.

Each year, Gloucestershire schools are encouraged to engage their pupils in curriculum activities during Refugee Week. The theme for Gloucestershire schools for 2004 is Photography and Media. Here you will find suggestions for a range of activities based on this theme, for pupils at all key stages. The outcome will be to produce the front page of a newspaper. These can be submitted to irespect, and pupils' work will be later displayed on the website. When sending pupils' work, please make sure to include the name of the School, and pupils' names and Year group. For KS2 and KS3/4 please submit as MSWord documents. Send contributions to: contributions @

(Note: when entering the email address remove the spaces either side of the @ sign - the spaces are only included here to reduce spam.)

There will also be display space in Gloucester and Cheltenham libraries in the week beginning June 21 st. If you are interested in displaying pupils' work in the library, please contact CIRCLE on 01452-427261.

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       click here for KS3/4 activities


For further information on Refugee Week 2004 visit the Refugee Week website.

For further information on refugees and resources for schools see the summer issue of the Race Equality Newsletter - sent to all Gloucestershire schools, and available to download here



We are grateful to Jill Rutter and the Refugee Council for permission to reproduce some of the teaching activities from 'Refugees: A resource book for primary schools':

Refugee children's stories, and accompanying worksheet; What would you take and what would you leave behind?; world map.

And toTim Spafford, ( for some of the refugee children's stories.

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