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Footballpoets.org won a national award from Kick Racism Out Of Football and it offers tremendous potential for cross-curricular work in History, Citizenship, Sport and English. It is used by many schools and football club study centres and has been recommended by the Guardian the Observer, the Times, the Arts Council and When Saturday Comes.

The site features many poems written by Gloucestershire students in general and Brockworth students in particular.

Y8 may be the best target age - but it has potential for use throughout the key stages.


(a) The first lesson could involve a joint History - English - Citizenship approach and focus upon activities 3 and 4 with individual work to follow, perhaps.

(b) We are assuming the second lesson will be an on-line lesson in the computer suite. This will flow through activities 1, 2 and 9 and will give students chance to read work by other pupils. This should encourage and motivate them into producing their own work for homework.

(c) The poems metioned in activities 5 and 6 could be incorporated into Black History Month (October) - they stand separately from the rest of the work here. The 3 poems in point 6 are especially relevant.

(d) The poems mentioned in activities 7 and 8 could either be used in (a) within lesson one or as a separate third lesson.

Beaufort School is will be trialling this unit and we will be delighted to receive their lesson plans in due course. Stuart Butler or Crispin Thomas (from The Football Poets) may be available to lead workshops of you wish. Please check www.footballpoets.org for contact details.

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