Tolerating Difference
and tackling bullying

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This unit is not designed to promote homosexuality, but it is hoped that it might promote some understanding and tolerance. It is hoped that it might reduce some bullying and unhappiness.


There is just one lesson in this module at present. We expect it will expand in time - please send in your ideas, lessons or other materials we can use on this site.

A Life in a Day is the true life story of a gay man – many thanks to my mate for allowing this interview.

The material is from the heart and also full of insight. It will most definitely engage students. The lesson and follow up have a number of alternative approaches, but as the material is so sensitive, I suggest that the teacher reads the story to the whole class.

I have provided the following questions for written work and I wonder if a good tactic might be a demand for total silence and individual work rather than immediate discussion.

Students can move on if they get stuck so as to maintain the silence rule. Tell the class that you want honest answers so students needn’t name their work or you might want to book the computer suite so that word processed answers safeguard anonymity.

iRespect is an education resource for the development of positive tolerance - find out more...