Trial & Error

Trial & Error CD coverTrial & Error is a resource for classroom teachers who want to develop young people’s awareness, key skills and knowledge of racism, identity and diversity issues at Key Stages 3 & 4.

Its development was funded by the Department for Education & Skills to support teaching of Citizenship in the curriculum. It is an excellent resource that enables teachers to get to grips with this area immediately. Most of the resources you need are on the CD along with further web links

Written and compiled by Stella Dadzie (author of Racetracks and Toolkit for Tackling Racism in Schools) Trial & Error invites young people aged 11-16 years to explore and resolve, through case studies, the many different problems in the world that arise because of racism, stereotyping and fear of religious, cultural or ethnic differences.

Asked to imagine that they are among a number of select juries or tribunals in schools throughout the country, their challenge is to assess evidence from conflicting witnesses and reach a considered verdict.

This CD includes four units covering:

  1. Rights & Wrongs
  2. Differences & Similarities
  3. People & Politics
  4. Countries & Communities

Trial & Error is free to UK Secondary Schools
Tel. 0845 602 2260

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