Teachers' Notes for Activity Worksheets - KS3/4
Untold Stories: The African-Caribbean Community in Gloucestershire

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We have created a series of activities/questions for the book Our Untold Stories - The African-Caribbean Community in Gloucestershire. All the material from the book is also presented online here at iRespect.net

Here is a suggested framework for their use... but feel free to restructure this material as suits your teaching groups and timescales. Please send us feedback.

There are sufficient activities to provide a good mix of whole class work, group work and some individual work including home work.

Activities 1-10 - whole class British History

Activities 1-5 could be set within British History 19th-20th Century units.

Activities 6-10 could also fit with 20th Century History in Y9.

These activities would complement other work on Black History in KS3.
There is we estimate 2-3 weeks work here.

Activities 11-35 : Citizenship lessons

The teacher could introduce the module by linking with the history work via activities 11, 12 and 14. This work would involve whole class teaching and individual work. Activities 11 and/or 13 could be set as homework.

Subseqent lessons would see 8 groups (A-H) tackle different sections of the activities. Work could be mounted for a whole class display.

  1. We suggest all groups start with activities 15 and 17-22
  2. Then groups tackle different activities: A : 23, B : 24, C : 25
    These three groups should then confer and discuss before attempting activity 26
  3. Next five groups as follows: D : 27,  E : 28 F : 29G : 30 and H : 31
  4. Homework: all students - 32, 33
  5. Plenary : all students - 35

The Activity Worksheets

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