Teachers' Notes for Activity Worksheets - KS3/4
Untold Stories: The Chinese Community in Gloucestershire

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We have created a series of activities/questions for the book Our Untold Stories - The Chinese Community in Gloucestershire. All the material from the book is also presented online here at iRespect.net

Here is a suggested framework for their use... but feel free to restructure this material as suits your teaching groups and timescales. Please send us feedback.

There are sufficient activities to provide a good mix of whole class work, group work and some individual work including home work.

Actvity Worksheets to accompany Untold Stories - The Chinese Community In Gloucestershire

This module is designed to promote multicultural understanding and thinking skills too. The lesson have a starter, whole class and group work then follows. In all we estimate there are three lessons (3 weeks) in this module.

Starter (for first lesson)

Objective - To improve listening skills.

(1) Teacher reads the introduction (pages 3-4). (Adapt language if necessary)
(2) Paired or individual multiple choice work - most students work from memory; some students may need text in front of them.

view the exercise - match number with letters.

The Lessons

Whole class and group work. The small group work varies in difficulty to aid your planning with differentiation.

Whole Class Activities

Activity 2 - Arrivals - odd one out
Activity 6 - Multicultural Society
Activity 11 - Story Telling Exercise
Activity 12 - Final Work

Group Work Activities

Group A : Activity 1 - World Map
Group B : Activity 3 - Concept Map
Group C : Activity 7 - Lifeline Graph
Group D : Activity 8 - Population
Group E : Activity 9 - Mystery
Group F : Activity 10 - Chinese Community
Group G : Activity 5 - Storyboard
Group H : Activity 4 - Multicultural Society

Finally - After completing this module you might like to ask your students to fill in the assessment form.

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