Teachers' Notes for Our Untold Stories - KS2
Biography work using Our Untold Stories

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This series provides a rich resource for primary schools, with many biographies of local residents of Asian, African-Caribbean and Chinese descent. The text and pictures from the books are now available online on the iRespect web site:

Our Untold Stories:

The books also contain much historical information, and insights into the religions and communities that make up the culturally diverse city of Gloucester and surroundings towns.

They can be used as NLS texts for Y6 term 1 study of biographies.

Guided and group reading: Choose a biography for each group from one of the volumes. Pupils record the information for their chosen biography on the worksheet grids.

Our Untold Stories - The African-Caribbean community in Gloucestershire

Download Worksheet 1 (50k Word document)

Our Untold Stories - The Asian community in Gloucestershire

Download Worksheet 2 (50k Word document)

Our Untold Stories - The Chinese community in Gloucestershire

Download Worksheet 3 (50k Word document)

Follow on with a whole class discussion

The information on the worksheet grids is then shared with the whole class. Use this information as a basis for class discussion to include:

  • Reasons for coming to England
  • Occupations
  • Memories of home country
  • Experiences and first impressions on arrival in England
  • Differences in aspects of life in England and China/ Asia / Caribbean (food, religion, education, family life)
  • Experiences of discrimination and racism

Whole class texts and individual work

Each pupil choses two texts. They will write about one and tell their group / the class about the other.

Pupils use writing frame for biography to record notes on both texts Worksheet 4

Pupils write up biography 1 on Worksheet 5 and make notes for a talk on Worksheet 6

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