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In October 2003 Dr Terrence Roberts - Congressional Gold Medal winner and one of the Little Rock 9 - will have visited Gloucester and that we will have a recording of his speeches to use in schools. We will have the newsreels of Little Rock, Arkansas, 1957, on video or DVD for contextualisation.

For the the story of school desegregation at Little Rock see On The Front Lines With The Little Rock 9

There's an interesting Desegregation WebQuest that can be used in a variety of ways within a classroom. The site offers electronic learning and/or group work and even though the focus is upon the USA, the questions open up areas of discussion about school and diversity in Gloucestershire today. It also opens up the possibility of twinning via video conferencing with schools in the U.K in very different circumstances – discussing questions around the construct of race with inner city schools, for example. It also offers us the chance to build similar exercises with a local optic for electronic learning.

visit the Little Rock Nine Foundation website

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