Teachers' Guide To The Museum Of Tolerance

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This museum goes beyond the Holocaust to look at the dynamics of racism and prejudice within the USA. The site has a lot of potential for electronic learning for us over here, however, in both History and Citizenship. If you click on the Teachers’ Guide you will find a wide range of material, and even though much of it is based upon the assumption that a class is making a museum visit, there are a lot of valuable ideas, resources and lessons here for those of us who can’t take our class to L.A. for the day.

In the Teachers’ Guide, you will find material in the Classroom and Beyond area – lesson objectives to do with media literacy, the power of words and images, vocabulary, the dynamics of prejudice, democracy and diversity, personal responsibility.

These lesson objectives are enhanced by lesson plans that are based upon Californian Standards in English, History and Social Sciences – similar to our N.C. levels. This shows how the encouragement of positive tolerance can be fostered across the curriculum whilst respecting the rigour of national curriculum levels.

Even though the content is U.S. based, it would be easy, given time, to produce/convert materials with a local/national perspective, so as to follow the good practice here. It would be even better if those materials followed cross-curricular N.C levels too – so that Positive Tolerance became embedded within the whole curriculum. It would be even better still if these resources could contribute to a Museum of Cultural Diversity within the County and also be made available online via the iRespect website. This would help establish the museum and website as an interactive area for a community of learners and educators who share and develop best practice.

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