Teachers' Guide To The Ruby Bridges Foundation

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At the tender age of 6, Ruby Bridges helped end segregation in New Orleans – not an easy thing to do in New Orleans at the age of 6 in 1960. Ruby is now an almost 50 definite mother of 4 and an iconic and accomplished civil rights campaigner. She is supported by a Foundation that seeks to challenge racism and promote diversity and tolerance – this Foundation is about to pilot a project in L.A. whereby 4 schools from vastly different socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds build up video-conferencing and citizenship links. This will be done in association with the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles.

We are seeking to establish links between iRespect and The Ruby Bridges Foundation. The director of the Foundation, Betsy Hammond, has replied to my introductory letter with great enthusiasm. The letter will be discussed at a Board meeting in the coming weeks and there is a definite possibility that the Foundation will seek to help us in our project.

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