Listing of iRespect Lesson Plans

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African-Caribbean - Untold Stories KS2, KS3/4  
Asian - Untold Stories KS2, KS3/4  
Chinese - Untold Stories KS2, KS3/4  
True Stories KS3/4  
Black and Asian Parish Records KS3/4  
Oral Histories (Tredworth) KS2  
Active Citizenship and The New Britons KS3/4  
Becoming a citizen - Promises, Tests and Celebrations KS3/4  
Talking Books KS1/2  
Christy's Dream: including Traveller culture in the Literacy Hour KS1/2  
Poetry writing frames for the Holocaust KS3/4  
Affirmative Action KS3/4  
Age and Discrimination KS3/4  
Tolerating Difference and Bullying KS3/4  
Kicking Racism Out Of Football KS3/4  
The Cross of St George, The Union Jack and Cultural Diversity KS3/4  
Teaching Positive Tolerance KS3/4  
Disability and Diversity KS3/4  
Refugee Issues: Using Media & Photography KS1 KS2 KS3/4  
Kigulya: An African Village KS2  

Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt:

The Underground Railway

Teachers Guides to Websites,
Simon Wiesenthal,
Museum of Tolerance, Ruby Bridges, Little Rock


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