Teachers' Notes for Holocaust Remembered - Poetry Writing Frames

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We have produced some writing frames for Concentration Camps 1933–1938 these relate to specific section of the material on the Wiesthental.com site. These sections are reproduced here with kind permission of the Simon Wiesthental Museum with the poetry writing frames added.

A famous quote from Simon Wiesthental - “HOPE LIVES WHEN PEOPLE REMEMBER”

Holocaust Remembered - poetry writing frames

We now have a talk by Auschwitz survivor Leon Greenman - this is well worth a listen.

“The Courage To Remember” / “Nazi Germany 1933-38”

“Annihilation in Nazi-Occupied Europe, 1941 – 1945”
The Final Solution;
Like Dying Candles: Concentration Camp Routine;
Auschwitz-Birkenau: The Death Factory;
Auschwitz-Birkenau: Half Hell, Half Lunatic Asylum;
Liberation: The Unmasked Horror.

Some general points to think about when writing your poems:

- Firstly, make some rough notes of your ideas
- don’t even think of a rhyme scheme yet
– don’t let the search for a rhyme control the content of your poem
– what sort of rhyme structure do you want?
– do you want a rhyme?
– do you want blank verse or free verse?
- A list poem? An acrostic poem (for example)?


Obviously, some students may have the ability or motivation to research and
write about other sections rather than the ones I have chosen. Equally,
some students might wish to visit the sections I have identified, but might
wish to disregard the writing frames.

Here are some example poems written without reference to the writing frames.

Here's a summary of the poem writing frames available:

Writing Frame 1 : Concentration Camps
Writing Frame 2 : The Final Solution
Writing Frame 3 : Concentration Camp Routine
Writing Frame 4 : The Death Factory
Writing Frame 5 : Half Hell, Half Lunatic Asylum
Writing Frame 6 : The Unmasked Horror
Writing Frame 7 : Final Work

to use them go to the Holocaust Remembered pages.

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