Sharing Stories to further understanding of different cultural backgrounds

This section features a collection of life stories covering many different cultures, backgrounds and circumstances. All these individuals contribute to the rich cultural diversity of Gloucestershire and share their stories in the hope that better undertanding leads to a more tolerant society.

The stories include an award winning series of books "Our Untold Stories". These cover the African-Caribbean, Asian and Chinese communities in Gloucestershire. Many thanks to Nasreen Akhtar and the Gloucestershire Library Service for develping these unique books.

We also feature a unique anthology of real events and feelings experienced by Gloucesteshire pupils from other countries. This anthology - True Stories - was compiled by Dee Russell-Thomas through her work with Gloucestershire bi-lingual students and through her work with refugee and asylum seeking children.

In addition we have contemporary life stories from some roll models within the minority communities, examples of multi-lingual "talking books" developed by CIRCLE and coming soon "Travellers Tales", stories of the Traveller Community in Gloucestershire.

Multi-lingual talking books provide an opportunity to involve ethnic minority children and their families and communities in sharing their language, culture and lifestyle with their class and school. Click on the book covers to the left to view the example books.